How Chris Became Chris

Chris Mabrey is the master of comedy hypnosis. He has become known nationwide as one of the most ENTERTIANING, AMUSING, HYSTERICAL SHOWS in the country, from coast to coast. Chris uses his incredible stage presence, witty style and expertise to captivate audiences and make memorable experiences that last a lifetime.Chris has an unbelievable knack on stage since he grew up on it. His witty personality, charm and experience now give him the understanding and capability to entertain any size and/or age of an audience. Chris Mabrey has not only performed stage shows for the last 14 years, becoming one of the hottest names in the industry, but also focuses on personal growth. He has earned a degree as a master hypnotist, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and a Masters in NLP.

Chris has been seen on NBC WBIR, KJCT, Montrose Press, KREX, Daily Sentinel, and various others sources of media.

About The Show

Chris has helped pave the way in the hypnosis industry-starting out young, at the age of 9. He has brought a modern touch and twist to what a traditional hypnosis show used to be. Chris strives for his show to create a positive experience, lasting memories and laughter that will be remembered for years to come. Chris leaves no stone unturned knowing his hypnotized subjects and the audience all have the same amazing, hysterical, positive life lasting experience. Which has been quoted as “The Most fun energizing show I have ever seen I’m still in tears and will be laughing at this the rest of the year,” Don Bramer CEO Holiday INN.

When Chris is on tour, if he is not on stage creating laughter, he is usually performing personal growth sessions, individually or in groups. He also performs school programs from elementary age through college. Each show and message is different depending on the age group and the focus point is Choose to Win. In his down time Chris enjoys fishing, golfing and working with other motivational speakers and people that hold him accountable. When Chris is home he feels as if he is the luckiest man in the world married to his best friend, Alicia Mabrey AKA his beautiful Wife and gets to play with his two amazing and beautiful daughters Lily Sue and Averie Marie.

Chris performs over 200 shows a year. Chris’s reputation speaks for itself as he is continuously asked back and has repeated over 95% of his events.

Chris truly is the definition of a modern day stage hypnotist and truly a professional at improv, never knowing what direction his show is going to go next. This keeps his audience begging for more and his clients ecstatic to have him back. Chris has the ability to customize each and every show depending on his hypnotic subjects and his audience which makes each and every show a truly a unique experience. Chris strives to stay modern, not only with his skits, but the music he uses during his show. Chris keeps his show hilariously different each and every time. Watching him live you laugh because you can tell he is just as surprised as the audience. He truly loves what he does. When hiring Chris Mabrey you will be getting one of the finest hypnotists and top names in the industry. You can be assured yourself, your guests, your audience and your stage hypnosis experience will be outstanding, fascinating, and beyond expectations. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience in all the right ways.

Since the age of 9 Chris has studied hypnosis and NLP. He was worked hands on with some of the top hypnotists, personal coaches and motivational speakers in the world. Chris’s endeavor is to use hypnosis to make instant change that not only makes you want to come back to his show, but change that helps shape each person’s unique destiny when it comes to one on ones and group sessions.

Chris works with the same idea in all his shows; he is working all angles to ensure each person whether on stage, or in the audience feel connected and to instill a memory that will last a lifetime.

Chris works either one on one, or in a group settings and now has brought back the CHOOSE TO WIN program that has national exposer. He offers this school program to Elementary schools, Middle schools, High Schools, and Colleges. This state of the art school program has been recognized nation wide, customizing each show depending on the specific age group. The Choose to Win program connects with Elementary kids and college kids differently with the idea of using comedy to create and instill a winning attitude of “CHOOSE TO WIN”.

The human mind, conscious and subconscious are powerful and with Chris’s awareness, familiarity and intelligence of the mind Chris has been able to help people tap into their true potential.